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clstmk in g_knights

G.Addict Live DVD Watching/2 Year Anniversary Event

I think I wrote about it, but deleted the entry because I saw the CM to DVD on Youtube has been posted at another entry.

There will be DVD watching through twitter (#Addict_fes) today, Live DVD release day, at 9pm Japan time.  To participate, the staff wants those who bought the Live DVD today to watch Disc 1 (Live part) along and write anything about the live on twitter.


I will be checking what the people wrote because I'm curious (in about an hour), though some people already tweeted, including Horie-san.

* not sure if I should add "media: dvd" tag.

Edit: There's also Nico Nico Live, where the staff also participates in this event.  The staff clarified that there's never an idea about leadership in G.Addict, but KajiKaji naturally became the center of the unit.
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Thanks for posting! :D
Uwa! I never knew there was a NicoNico Namahousou TwT
miss you always time... (tears)
prism time.. (Final song!)
Live part ended, but the festival continues because they decided to extend the time with makings.
<3 my kajikaji is always the center.. (^__^)